• P1090859

    A day trip to Wicklow Mountain NP

    We woke up early, took a very basic not worth mentioning breakfast in the hostel, packed our bags and left to find the bus. From inside the warm bus we waived Dublin goodbye, [...]
  • DSC_0417

    Exploring the Perito Moreno Glacier

    For many years my mother dreamed of visiting Patagonia, luckily she has a daughter that moves around the world and recently resided in Argentina so today her dream became [...]
  • DSC_0813

    Gorilla Trekking

    We reached the starting point of our Gorilla Tour early in the morning at the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest NP in Uganda. We were going to trek the Nkuringo Gorilla Group today [...]
  • DSC_0086

    The Switzerland of South America

    We were sitting in the small bus that picked us up from our hotel, complaining a bit about the size of the chairs, which was really for small tiny people not for rather tall [...]
  • DSC00544

    Cappadocia in 4 days

    The sun was up early this morning and so were we. With a coffee in our hand and the early morning sun in our face we were waiting for the bus at the Asti bus terminal of [...]
  • DSC_0400

    A trip to North-Uganda

    “You have to be there at 6 o’clock” the nice gentleman informed me. So the next day at 6 o’clock we were there – alone. “But why are you here so early?” another [...]
  • DSC_0540

    Day-trip to Torres del Paine

    The day started a bit too early and the buss thought exactly the same. Therefore he decided to have a beauty sleep, a siesta or a power nap of more than two hours. This, of [...]

Buenos Aires, day in day out

by Milene in Argentina

The bells of the clock-tower wake me up, time for another day at work, I sigh and turn my head, my eyes still closed. I really don´t feel like going to work today. Soon my [...]

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    Cafe Retamas

    April 4, 2014 // 0 Comments

    My search for the best coffee in Buenos Aires starts at a café I accidentally came across on the internet – Retamas. This café is located in Belgrano and [...]
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    Cafe Lattente